*NEW LOCATION*: 3/30 Rally with Bernie Sanders

Build a stronger Chicago, for all.

As my wife and I raise our three children on the West Side of Chicago, our family experiences firsthand the effects of generational disinvestment.

Hunger, homelessness and unemployment are right outside our front door. Gun violence is not only on the news; it traumatizes our neighborhood.

As a teacher, I also experienced the painful impact of disinvestment on my students and their families.

This personal experience, seeing children endure inequity, fuels my commitment to building a stronger, safer and more equitable Chicago.

“The life I want for my family and neighbors is what I want for all Chicagoans”

Safe, vibrant


for all


As the son of a pastor, and one of ten children, I am grateful to my parents for teaching us to work together, to sacrifice, and most important, to serve.

They taught me to abide by the golden rule, treating others the way you want to be treated.

Our commitment to one another is essential to building a stronger Chicago. And it will take all of us – from working families, to immigrant families, to our LGBTQ siblings and people in all corners of our city – to work as partners for the change we all need.

Brandon Johnson