VIDEO: Brandon Johnson is "Ready"!!

Brandon is better for Chicago. 

Brandon Johnson is a fresh, new voice of leadership, and the only candidate in the race for mayor of Chicago who will deliver what people deserve.

He is a quintessential Chicagoan – a West Side father and husband who encounters the same issues that impact many residents, and who can relate to families and communities in ways that other candidates cannot.

He is part of a multicultural and multigenerational coalition that is fighting for the future of all of Chicago. Brandon is better for Chicago. 

As a union organizer...

Organized teachers and community members fighting against school closings in Black and Brown communities in 2012-2013

Joined 30-day hunger strike to save Dyett High School in the Washington Park community in 2015

Instrumental in organizing the 2019 Chicago Teachers Union and SEIU Local 73 strike, which was based in common good bargaining and won additional staffing for educators – including additional support for special education students

Helped pass an elected representative school board for Chicago in 2021

Assisted in securing COVID-19 safety agreements for students and families and staff in 2021 and 2022

Supported the Fight for $15, and organized for historic strike victories in 2019 that:
- Removed obstacles to parents of English Language Learners volunteering in schools, and increased transparency around budgeting for ELL resources and materials.
- Established ways that Chicago Public Schools must protect immigrant students

- Bars U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement
entry to school buildings without a criminal court warrant
- Allows leave to CPS employees for immigration matters

As Cook County Commissioner...

Proudly serves the 1st District of Cook County covering Chicago’s West Side and the surrounding suburbs after defeating an incumbent in 2018 and winning re-election in 2022

Passed the Just Housing Ordinance, prohibiting wanton discrimination against individuals with arrest records seeking affordable housing

Passed Medicare for All legislation, providing health care coverage for 40,000 additional Cook County residents through County Care

Passed the Justice for Black Lives resolution, which called for more than $150 million in investments in physical and mental health, staffing in the Cook County Health system, jobs, housing, restorative justice and violence prevention, broadband Internet access, and additional resources to reverse the troubling trend of over-incarceration of Black and Brown men, women and children

Secured $75 million in historic violence prevention funding that was distributed to community groups and community members working directly in neighborhoods most impacted by violence. A total of $25 million was secured for the 1st District of Cook County – Brandon’s home district

Held the first public town hall in the city of Chicago to provide access to critical information and mobilize resources as the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic introduced a global crisis to our lives

Was the catalyst for a statewide “Save Our Seniors'' COVID-19 response after recognizing the crisis brewing in low-income nursing homes and health centers for the elderly

Ongoing work for the recognition and celebration of Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Solidarity with Little Village and Southeast Side communities in fights for environmental justice against Hilco and General Iron, respectively, and El Milagro workers demanding better wages and safer working conditions

Part of a coalition creating a dedicated Cook County Public Defender Immigration Unit to provide legal representation and protect immigrant communities against deportation and separation from their families

Co-sponsor of an ordinance that shut down the Cook County gang database, making Cook County the first county in the U.S. to dismantle what has long been used as a tool to criminalize low-income communities of color