As a public school teacher, union organizer and Cook County commissioner, Brandon is the only candidate who has been a leader in our communities in the fights for fully funded public schools, affordable housing, green jobs and access to mental health care. As mayor, he will provide the leadership to put Chicago on the right track. Brandon stands for the people, not entrenched special interests and political insiders. He will advance smart, innovative solutions that address the root causes of violence and poverty.

Public Safety

The safest communities in America have the best schools, jobs, parks, hospitals and libraries. Brandon believes we can make Chicago the safest big city in America if we make real investments in root cause solutions, such as creating an Office of Gun Violence Prevention, reopening the city’s mental health clinics and fully funding year-round youth employment and community-based violence intervention services.

Afforable Housing

Every resident of Chicago deserves access to stable, long-term, affordable, healthy and dignified housing. Brandon will work to make housing a human right in Chicago, including instituting stronger protections against evictions, passing the Real Estate Transfer Tax on multi-million dollar property sales and expanding the Affordable Requirements Ordinance.

City Budget and Revenue

No one should be too poor to live in one of the richest cities in the world. As mayor, Brandon will work to make the wealthy pay their fair share and get our city’s budget priorities in order, just as he did as a teacher, organizer and Cook County commissioner. This includes TIF reform to return property tax revenue to our schools and parks; a real estate transfer tax on the sale of multi-million dollar homes; and taxing the profits of Chicago’s biggest corporations, many of which collected hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal giveaways during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jobs and Workers

In order to protect workers and encourage economic growth, Chicago should regulate corporations to support the quality of life of working class people, and lead the way on fighting for a Green New Deal. This includes instituting free public transit, passing the Rideshare Living Wage ordinance to protect gig workers and expanding child care and pre-kindergarten to create thousands of additional jobs and make child care more accessible and affordable for working parents.


As a former teacher, Brandon is passionate about making sure that every student in Chicago – regardless of their race, income or zip code – receives a fully resourced, supportive, safe and healthy learning environment. As mayor, he will work to expand Sustainable Community Schools from Pre-K to the City Colleges, providing academic, health and social support beyond the school day.

Environmental Justice

Brandon knows we need Chicago to lead the way in protecting the communities most affected by pollution, and take a strong stand to mitigate climate disaster. As mayor, he will conduct a cumulative impact assessment to advance comprehensive environmental regulations; work to outfit Chicago Public Schools buildings with green HVAC systems, new ventilation solar panels and other renewable energy sources; and reopen and fully fund the city’s Department of Environment.

Health Care

As a classroom teacher, Brandon worked closely with children who were experiencing hunger, chronic illness and health crises. Growing up, he often waited in long lines at Cook County Hospital for treatment for his own asthma. As mayor, he will tackle inequality that leads to disparate health outcomes for working families, including bringing equity to citywide lead line replacement, expanding frontline workers in the Chicago Department of Public Health and creating a public fund to make home care a more accessible public service.

Good Government

We must ensure that public institutions manage our public resources in a way that maximizes their potential to do good for the residents who need them. As mayor, Brandon will enact a “Truth in Budgeting” law that would create more transparency around city spending and provide more space for public input on city finances. He will also champion public financing of elections to limit outsize corporate influence in politics, prioritize small donors from within city limits and create a more fair and just campaign environment.


Chicago must lead the way in upholding its promise of sanctuary and refuge. Building on his track record of multi-racial solidarity on the Country Board — including collaborating with Latinx colleagues to eliminate the gang database and secure legal representation for immigrants facing deportation — Brandon will work to strengthen Chicago’s CityKey program and fully resource services that support displaced immigrants arriving in our city.

Police Reform

The Chicago Police Department must comply with the federal consent decree and increase its homicide clearance rate. As mayor, Brandon will work closely with the Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability to hold police accountable and evaluate the goals and performance of the CPD, the Civilian Office of Police Accountability and the Police Board. He will cancel the contract with ShotSpotter and streamline police spending to direct more funds to violence prevention and community safety programming that addresses the root causes of community violence.


Every stakeholder in the use of Chicago’s sidewalks, railways and roadways must work collaboratively toward safety. The CTA needs a vast overhaul in terms of reliability and increased access, as well as safety for workers and riders. As mayor, I will prioritize walking and biking as a public accommodation, ensuring that it is 1) integrated into the architecture of people-traffic with reimagined streetscapes that protect pedestrians and cyclists, and 2) a component of good health, neighborhoods with affordable housing, and access to jobs and schools. This includes reduced speed limits and automobile access in select areas of the city. I will also support a rapid-response CDOT team and municipal sidewalk snow and ice removal program, and create car-free zones in communities to promote safe walkability and recreation for children.


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